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The History of Life on Earth: The Rise of Animals

This talk will take us through the origin and initial diversifications of animal life. It will be chronological, from the latest Neoproterozoic to the end of the Palaeozoic. Wikipedia has a timeline for you to orient yourself. One theme that will be very prominent throughout is that of Konservat Lagerstätten, or sites of exceptional fossil [...]

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The History of Life on Earth: Terrestrialisation

Due to the inherent time constraints of having to compress what is usually a semester's worth of knowledge into 4.5 hours, we will now move away from the oceans permanently and look at the rest of the history of life on Earth from only a terrestrial perspective. To do that, we have to first examine [...]

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The History of Life on Earth: Mesozoic Vertebrates

We will now look at the aftermath of the P-T Extinction on terrestrial vertebrate life, in other words look at what the vertebrates of the Mesozoic were like. The most famous representatives are, of course, the dinosaurs, so we will look at their origins and what vertebrates they were coexisting with. A short look at [...]

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Natural Selection

This is the text of a talk on natural selection I gave at the University of Nicosia on February 14th 2012, on behalf of Cyprus Freethinkers and the University of Nicosia’s Human Biology Society. All pictures with a © are CC-licensed, and I am providing links to where I got them from. If you are [...]

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