Arthropod faunal diversity of Cyprus

This checklist is still in the alpha stage. As you will notice, there are some glaring gaps - no cockroaches, hemipterans are sorely lacking - while other taxa have hundreds of species under their name. This merely reflects the progress in the bibliographic work - this is a solo project done in my spare time, [...]

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Arthropods of Cyprus: Statistics

Link to checklist. Total Number of Species: 6017 Latest update: 03.03.2013 Chelicerata: 60 families, 169 species. Acari: 62 species. Araneae: 79 species. Opiliones: 2 species. Pseudoscorpiones: 16 species Scorpiones: 5 species Solifugae: 5 species. Crustacea: 13 families, 32 species. Amphipoda: 4 species. Anostraca: 3 species. Diplostraca: 4 species. Isopoda: 18 species. Podocopida: 3 species. Hexapoda: [...]

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Potentially endemic avifauna of Cyprus

Aim: to evaluate the taxonomic status of five breeding endemic subspecies on the island of Cyprus with the use of genotypic and phenotypic (morphological, molecular and acoustical) material. Loxia curvirostra guillemardi Periparus ater cypriotes Certhia brachydactyla dorotheae Otus scops cyprius Garrulus glandarius glaszneri The need for this evaluation stems from the fact that the techniques [...]

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Arthropods of Cyprus Checklist

Link to statistics. Last update: 03.03.2013 Overview Chelicerata Crustacea Hexapoda Myriapoda Tardigrada Chelicerata Order Family Full Name Acari Acherontacaridae Acherontacarus cyprioticus Acari Alycidae Bimichaelia augustana Acari Amblyommidae Haemaphysalis punctata Acari Amblyommidae Hyalomma aegyptium Acari Amblyommidae Hyalomma anatolicum Acari Amblyommidae Hyalomma anatolicum Acari Amblyommidae Hyalomma marginatum Acari Amblyommidae Hyalomma marginatum Acari Amblyommidae Rhipicephalus bursa Acari Amblyommidae [...]

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Checklist of arthropods on Cyprus

Link to the checklist and statistics. Aim: To compile a checklist of the arthropods of Cyprus to use as a basis for evolutionary studies on the evolution of endemism in Cypriot arthropods. This will be supplemented with locality records in the future, as well as a comprehensive bibliography. Methods: The checklist and locality data are [...]

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Causes of arthropod endemism on Cyprus

Aim: To investigate the relative importances of isolation and underlying geology on the evolution of endemic arthropods on Cyprus. Methods: This project blends several disciplines, ranging from geology and pedology to evolution, biogeography, and physiology. See the "Project rationale and scientific context" section, below, for background information. Soil and plant-associated arthropod communities are being collected [...]

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