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Board of Directors

Louis Hadjioannou

Research Director / Co-founder
BSc Biological Sciences
MSc Advanced Methods in Taxonomy & Biodiversity

Louis Hadjioannou graduated with a Bachelors degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Brighton in 2006 and obtained a Masters degree in Advanced Methods in Taxonomy and Biodiversity from Imperial College London in 2007.

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Antonis Petrou

Member of Board of Directors / Co-founder
BSc Biology
MSc Aquatic Resource Management

Antonis Petrou is a Marine Biologist and has worked as such in Cyprus since 2001. He carried out his studies in London and has a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Biology and Aquatic Resource Management.

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Iakovos Tziortzis

Member of Board of Directors / Co-founder
BSc Biological Sciences
MSc Ecology–Protection & Management of Natural Environment

Iakovos Tziortzis, founding member and counselor of the NGO ENALIA PHYSIS ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH CENTRE, graduated from the Biology Department of the University of Patras, Greece (2005).

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Scientific Associates

Carlos Jimenez

Senior Research Co-ordinator
BSc Biology
MSc Aquatic & Marine Ecosystems
PhD Marine Biology

Dr. Carlos Jimenez has extensively dealt with marine ecology and environmental interpretations and reconstructions since the early 80s. He holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in biology and aquatic and marine ecosystems, respectively, from the University of Costa Rica.

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Katerina Achilleos

BSc Biological Sciences
MSc Biodiversity and Ecology

Katerina Achilleos graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences in 2012 and obtained a Master’s degree in Biodiversity and Ecology in 2014 both from the University of Cyprus.

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Vasilis Andreou

BSc Marine biology

Vasilis Andreou, obtained his B.Sc. (Hons) Marine biology degree at the University of Plymouth (UK) in 2012. During his degree, Vasilis has carried out field experiments investigating the behavioral ecology of talitrids at the northeastern coasts of Cyprus.

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Rana Abu Alhaija

BSc Biological Sciences
MSc Ecology & Biodiversity

Rana Abualhaija is a marine ecologist with a diverse background. She began her studies
with a year of Biotechnological studies in the Arab American University of Jenin, Palestine
and then continued her Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Cyprus,

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Andreas Georgiou

BSc Environmental Sciences
MSc in Applied Geo-Informatics

Andreas is an Environmental Scientist with MSc in Applied Geo-Informatics and Risk Management both from the University of the Aegean, Greece. His principal research field is satellite image analysis and remote sensing applications with emphasis on both terrestrial and aquatic systems.

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Elias Giannakis

BSc in Agricultural Economics
M.Sc. in Integrated Rural Development
PhD in Rural Economics and Development

Has participated in many EU-funded research projects (a) investigating the economic and environmental costs and benefits of climate change adaptation options and (b) assessing the socioeconomic impact of European environmental, agricultural and regional policies. His research interests include bio-economic modelling, general equilibrium models and participatory research.

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Yiannis Christodoulides

BSc in Biological Sciences
M.Sc. in Wild Animal Biology

Joined Enalia Physis in November 2017 to provide support for the RELIONMED project as well as the organisation’s other projects. His research interests are with animal behaviour and their interactions with the environment.

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Past Associates

Marc Srour

Marc studied invertebrate palaeontology at the University of Bonn until 2010, writing a thesis on the morphology of two exceptionally-preserved stem-group arthropods and their systematics. From there, he turned to teaching, giving both talks aimed for the general public and university-level lectures, and to personal research.

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Student Traineeships

Enalia Physis accepts students to undertake traineeships or research activities as part of their ongoing studies, in subjects relevant to the organization activities and projects. The following traineeships have been undertaken under Enalia Physis supervision.

Marios Papageorgiou

My name is Marios Papageorgiou and I am a 3rd year Marine Biology and Oceanography undergraduate student at Plymouth University. During the summer of 2015 I had the amazing opportunity to work as a trainee in Marine Ecology on the beautiful island of Cyprus.

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