UPDATE: Antonis Petrou’s presentation is viewable here.

If you are lucky enough to be a diver then you definitely know all about the Zenobia wreck and its marine life!

But if you consider yourself a future diver or a sea lover, here you will find a short feedback regarding this magnificent huge wreck. You can be further informed during the Zenobia Week, a 7-day event with many activities, that Enalia Physis is supporting and participating in:


The Zenobia wreck is among the ten-most-famous-sites-for-diving in the world. It is lying on the seabed since the 7th of June, 1980. It is found at the depth of 42 m from the sea surface with all its cargo, only half a mile away from where the Larnaca Harbor is today.

Zenobia wreck is a home for many invertebrate organisms as well as fish.