customlogoEnalia Physis was founded by people who shared the same passion for the environment and were guided by the same vision: to conduct and promote environmental research in marine, freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems and to encourage and enhance education and ecological awareness of the general public.

Enalia Physis members are still serving these purposes and the scientific work that has been quietly and diligently taking place the last few years, both in marine and freshwater biomes, has yield significant results.

The following publications were authored by Enalia Physis Environmental Research Center members (bold) in 2014:

Jimenez C.Hadjioannou L.Petrou A., Nikolaidis A., Evriadou M. & Lange M. 2014. Mortality of coralligenous organisms associated to seawater temperature anomalies in the Levantine Sea (Cyprus). Regional Environmental Change. doi: 10.1007/s10113-014-0729-2.

Tziortzis I., Zogaris S., Papatheodoulou A. & Marrone F. 2014. First record of the Tadpole Shrimp Triops cancriformis (Branchiopoda, Notostraca) in Cyprus. Limnetica 33 (2), 341-348. Link

Research is of course continuous, and we hope that more exciting outcomes will arise from our current activities in the near future. So stay tuned and if interested, join us in this fascinating journey.