CaptureA new species for the fauna of Cyprus has been  recently reported by Enalia Physis and collaborators from Cyprus, Greece and Italy. The Notostacan species Triops cancriformis was recorded in Paralimni Lake, a temporary brackish lake, in 2013. T. cancriformis is considered a living fossil, since scientific reports date the species back to the Jurassic period (approximately 180 million years ago). DNA analysis was conducted on the specimens collected, in order to carry out the molecular identification of the taxon. The mtDNA analysis verified the morphological identification of the species and revealed that the reported Cyprus population is genetically identical to observed specimens from Italy and Serbia. This new finding highlights the importance of Paralimni lake and the need for proper water and habitat management in the area. In addition it reminds to all of us the little attention given in wetlands, especially temporary ponds and lakes, of Cyprus.

The findings of the study were published by Tziortzis I. et al.  in the scientific journal LIMNETICA under the title ”First record of the Tadpole Shrimp Triops cancriformis (Branchiopoda, Notostraca) in Cyprus”, and can be accessed here.