Aim: Understand the past and present ecological communities associated to submerged wrecks.

Objectives: Characterization and monitoring of the encrusting and vagile (e.g. ichthyofauna) organisms of the wrecks. Analysis of the geochemical composition and nature of the sediments inside and around the wreck sites. Comparison of the biological communities at wrecks of different age and location in the Levantine Sea.

Study Sites: Zenobia (Cyprus), Mazotos (Cyprus), Alice-B (Lebanon).

Collaborators: Archaeological Research Unit-University of Cyprus, Leibniz-Zentrum für Marine Tropenökologie-University of Bremen (Germany), AP Marine (Nicosia), The Cyprus Institute (Nicosia), American University of Beirut (Lebanon), Octopus Team (Lebanon), Aqua Cosmos (Nicosia), US Embassy bi-communal program (Cyprus).