Antaia Christou

Antaia graduated with a Bachelors degree in Geography from Queen Mary University and then continued her postgraduate studies at UCL on Biodiversity, Evolution and Conservation. She has since then volunteered with many NGOs on environmental protection, conservation, and outreach. She also worked for BirdLife Malta as Conservation Assistant and Fundraising Officer. Her main tasks were related to wildlife crime, wild bird rehabilitation and fundraising.

Her main areas of expertise are wildlife crime and environmental conservation.

Antaia joined Enalia Physis in December 2018 and assisted with different projects including RELIONMED. She has also provide support on marine bycatch related projects, environmental education and policy.

Peer-reviewed publication

Christou, A., Brooks, S. and Price, B., 2017. Wing size variation in Calopteryx virgo (L.) (Beautiful Demoiselle) in response to geographic and climatic variables, using museum collections. Journal of the British Dragonfly Society, 33 (1), pp.29-49.