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Arthropod faunal diversity of Cyprus

The checklist and raw bibliographic data is only the first step. In the future, this will serve as a hub for taxonomists, amateur enthusiasts and the lay public. In the distant future, as monitoring programs hopefully get underway, species distribution maps will also become possible to make.

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Arthropods of Cyprus: Statistics

Checklist with the statistics of arthropods in Cyprus.

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Potentially endemic avifauna of Cyprus

Objective is to review and evaluate the taxonomic status of the potentially endemic species/subspecies found on the island of Cyprus by comparing with other individuals from the mainland and other nearby islands.

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Causes of arthropod endemism on Cyprus

This project blends several disciplines, ranging from geology and pedology to evolution, biogeography, and physiology in order to investigate the relative importances of isolation and underlying geology on the evolution of endemic arthropods on Cyprus

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