United Against Debris

Plastic pollution is a major problem that our planet is facing in recent years. The litter that is being delivered into the oceans is toxic to marine life, and humans.

Working together towards research and conservation of coastal habitats and marine organisms, we are constantly facing the problem of plastic pollution. One of the major issues is the congregation of plastic debris on beaches where marine turtles use as nesting areas. It has become a common phenomenon to observe turtles coming out on these beaches to nest and finding major difficulties in laying their eggs because of plastic getting in the way. Many of them abandon their efforts. This can potentially have a detrimental effect on the future generations of these emblematic and vulnerable species.

Our aim is to raise environmental awareness to the general public as well as to key stakeholders about the problem while also organize beach clean-up days in selected important turtle nesting beaches and enhance dissemination of the problem.

© Olkan Ergüler

© Louis Hadjioannou