Antonis Petrou

Antonis Petrou is a Marine Biologist and has worked as such in Cyprus since 2001. He carried out his studies in London and has a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Biology and Aquatic Resource Management. Upon completion of his M.Sc he returned to Cyprus where he initially worked as a researcher at the Department of Fisheries until 2003 when he formed his own consultancy company that deals with the marine environment.

He carries out research, provides expertise and services related to the marine environment and has worked extensively with the aquaculture industry and the fishing sector. Antonis has carried out extensive coastal marine survey work around Cyprus relating to the environmental impacts of coastal projects as well as for research projects. Over the years experience has been gained in organizing and carrying out coastal and open sea research expeditions. He has participated in EU funded research projects such as MedVeg, MedMPA, and vocation training projects for fishermen, FISHTRAIN.

He has extensive field experience in experimental fishing surveys (MEDITS) as well as carrying out various research relating to fish around Cyprus. He is currently also doing a Ph. D. related to Lessepsian Migration and the alien species Lagocephalus sceleratus.

His published work is primarily in the form of survey reports, environmental impact assessments, monitoring studies, experimental fishing survey reports, workshop proceedings and a publication relating to Posidonia oceanica.

In 2009 he was one of the founding members of Enalia Physis Environmental Research Center which aims to raise awareness and to promote environmental research of a higher standard in Cyprus. With the formation and his participation in the NGO, Antonis, aims to participate in the management of the marine environment in Cyprus, especially relating to Marine Protected Areas for Fisheries and Biodiversity and to promote environmental education, awareness and protection.