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Become a Scientific Associate

If you are a working scientist, you can become an active Scientific Member of Enalia Physis. Our research projects cover a wide range of fields such as fisheries science, marine benthic and cave ecology, marine protected areas, invasive species, marine litter, coastal ecology as well as social sciences. Get in contact with us to find out more about our work and fields of action.

Volunteer! There many ways for you to take part in our activities!

You can volunteer at fieldwork activities, in-house activities, outreach events and also become a citizen scientist. Contact us to learn more about how you can participate in our actions.

Do Your University Internship With Us

Enalia Physis access undergraduate and graduate students for their university internships or to conduct their thesis, as well as early-career scientists who are looking for opportunities to gain hands-on experience. The student/trainee will have the opportunity to use our facilities, equipment, materials and experience.

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How your donation is used

Any donation will support our work.. Your donation will cover core operating costs of the organisation, research projects as well as our work on environmental education and awareness.

Donation aknowledge

With any donation we give a payment receipt along with a certificate of acknowledgement of your contribution to Enalia Physis work.

How to make a donation

You can easily make a donation by PayPal or card. Choose your donation amount from the tabs above or add a different amount and proceed to payment. Thanks for your contribution.

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