Project officer

Pantelis Savvides

Pantelis Savvides holds a Bachelor’s degree in Medical Laboratories (Technological Educational Institute of Athens), a Master’s degree in Experimental Molecular Biology (University of Cyprus) and a Ph.D. in Biodiversity and Ecology (University of Cyprus). His Ph.D. research focused on lizards’ physiology and ethology (sprint performance, anti-predatory strategies, tail autotomy, thermoregulation, bite force, etc.) and the ecology of Acanthodactylus schreiberi, the only endangered lizard in Cyprus.

Despite his expertise on reptiles’ physiology, his scientific interests extend from conservational biology, to the ecology and evolution of various organisms.

He deeply believes that scientific orthologue approach and artistic cultural refinement, can be the fundamental elements, for humanity to move forward.

He joined Enalia Physis in February 2020.