Marina Katsaris

Marina Katsari was born in Nicosia, in 1986. She got her university degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Cyprus and obtained a Master degree in Drama and Theatre in Education from the University of Warwick, UK.

As a university teacher, Marina taught “Creative Drama” at the University of Cyprus and “The Art of Storytelling’’ and ‘’Contemporary Education Issues’’ at the European University of Cyprus where she is currently teaching “Children’s Literature”. She has also been teaching and giving experiential workshops at the MA Programme “Creative Arts and Animation” of Global College, related to the implementation of Drama in Education and the Art of Storytelling.

As an associate trainer of the Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus Marina implements programmes of professional learning and delivers Seminars on School Base (teachers) and Seminars for Parents focusing: Drama in Education, establishing a positive environment at school, development of communication skills, self confidence among teachers and parents and self-esteem among children, emotions management through Drama, prevention of violent behaviors and juvenile delinquency.

As a drama practitioner, Marina designed and implemented educational programmes in Greek and English for Museums (“Something ancient is being cooked”-Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation and Cyprus Food Virtual Museum, “Mélousine” and “Caterina Cornaro”-CVAR“, “The paintings tell their story”- Zampella Museum).

As a freelance trainer, Marina delivers experiential workshops for adults concerning Drama in Education (ind. POED, CARDET institution, OMEP and others) and Storytelling (Cyprus Theatre Organization 2016-2019, Theatrical Museum 2018-2019, Fengaros Music Village 2016-2018, Erasmus+ 2016-2018, Kindergarten’s’ Association of Western Greece and others).

As a storyteller and performer, Marina presents shows for children and adults in theatres, festivals, culture spaces, schools and elsewhere (ind. :“Medieval Tales of Cyprus”, “Spinning the Myth-Sounds and Myths of Crete”, “Tales and Sounds from Ireland”, “Arabic Nights”, “Illusions”, “French Fairytales” and others). She has also been implementing educational programmes (storytelling, philosophy for children and puppetry projects), approved by the Ministry of Education and Culture in schools and museums. Marina, has also cooperated with the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra. As member of storytelling groups she has been awarded the support of the Embassy of Ireland in Cyprus and the Embassy of Venezuela in Cyprus. She has also worked with musicians and artists from France, Venezuela, Guatemala, Palestine, Greece and Cyprus etc.