Fieldwork research assistant

Vasilis Resaikos

Vasilis is a qualified Dive Instructor, as well as a highly skilled Technical and Cave Diver who has also recently acquired experience in scientific diving and underwater photography through volunteering and participating in Enalia’s research projects. He is currently a final-year undergraduate student in Biological Sciences (BSc) at the European University of Cyprus.

His journey at Enalia Physis began with an internship in 2019, through which he assisted in projects such as Relionmed (LIFE Nature and Biodiversity) and Cyprus Bycatch Project-Phase I (MAVA). He also actively participated in several science and educational outreach projects (Acting Together to Address Ocean Plastic) and research expeditions (Mediterranean International Bottom Trawling Survey, Scientific monitoring program at artificial reefs in MPAs). Since September 2020 he is working at Enalia as a fieldwork research assistant providing support to CERECON (Cyprus Elasmobranchs Research and Conservation Network) and Cyprus Bycatch Project-Phase II.

Vasilis is an enthusiastic, adventurous individual with a passion for the ocean and all the mysteries it entails. He aims to focus his research interests on further understanding the ecological and physiological aspects of corals established in the Oceans’ twilight zone and within dark habitats (caves, deep sea and ship wrecks).

His passion for the sea also comes from sports. He was mainly involved in swimming with many distinctions in national championships in Greece. Then he was involved in the sport of triathlon with successes in national and world championships. His main success was his participation in the Xterra World Championship in October 2018 in the Maui of Hawaii.