Margaux Mollier

Margaux Mollier is studying a Master’s degree in Environmental Management and Coastal Ecology at the University of La Rochelle (France). She conducted her internship at Enalia Physis as part of her master’s degree. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the internship had to be conducted in distance. Adapting to this change, Margaux and the team of Enalia collaborated in the best possible way to ensure the successful implementation of the internship. During the internship, Margaux had the opportunity to study the interactions between the common bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) and the pelagic longline fishery in Cyprus based on data derived from fishers’ logbooks. This unique opportunity allowed Margaux to work with fisheries data and understand the depredation of cetaceans on the albacore tuna longline fishery as well as to estimate the economic loss of such interactions. Through this process, Margaux learn to validated, standardized and extrapolate data as well as to apply equations to estimate the economic loss of depredation. The final product of her internship was a fully written scientific report with the results from this study that was submitted to her University as part of her internship.

“Despite the unusual conditions, Marios, my supervisor during my internship, was able to adapt to the situation and ensure that the internship took place in the best possible conditions. This experience with Enalia Physis was very enriching in terms of meetings and transmission of knowledge and I’m proud to have participated in such a project with an interest in the conservation of both the vulnerable species and the fishers’ profession” Margaux Mollier.