Changing the future of our oceans and communities


Our research projects cover a wide range of fields such as fisheries science, marine benthic and cave ecology, marine protected areas, invasive species, marine litter, coastal ecology as well as social sciences.

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Education and public awareness are at the heart of our actions in order to promote environmental conservation through progress in political, cultural and social change.

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Our research projects, educational activities, campaigns and policy work aim to protect species and ecosystems and ensure the sustainable use of marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

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Who we are

Enalia Physis Environmental Research Centre is Cyprus’s leading NGO on marine sciences, covering a wide range of research fields ranging from fisheries science, to marine protected areas, artificial reefs, invasive species, benthic and cave ecology and to marine and coastal conservation. Our main priority is to generate environmental knowledge and applicable use of results through scientific research that will help towards the protection and conservation of our marine and terrestrial ecosystems.

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