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CYCLAMEN Project: The Cold-water corals of Cyprus

ENALIA PHYSIS is part of the international consortium  of CYCLAMEN project funded by TOTAL corporate foundation, that will undertake an evolutionary survey in Cyprus. The project was commenced in December 2014 and deals with the elusive Cold‐water corals of Cyprus, that have never been investigated before.

Within the framework of the two-year project, CYCLAMEN will conduct a detailed study of deep coral communities in Cypriot waters, the first of its kind in the the eastern Mediterranean.The research will include an environmental characterization of the area, as well as a study of the spatial distribution of deep coral communities. In addition to the study of the biology of the coral species and their responses to environmental changes through ecophysiological examinations, genetic studies of the corals will also be conducted. This is a pioneer project for Cyprus and, through its associated scientific outreach programme, it aims to disseminate information about these ecosystems, still mostly unknown, to the general public.

The project will be solely undertaken in the eastern coasts of the island (see attached map) and during the projects actions, the Multipurpose Research Vessel AIGAIO of HCMR will visit Cyprus for the project purposes.


The project is led by a researcher at the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO), and counts on the participation of institutions in Cyprus: The Cyprus Institute (CyI) and NGO Enalia Physis Environmental Research Centre, (EPERC); in France: Aix-Marseille University – Mediterranean Institute for Biodiversity & Ecology (AMU-IMBE); in Greece: The Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR); in Mónaco: Centre Scientifique de Monaco (CSM); in the United Kingdom: National Oceanography Centre (NOC), and in Spain: University of Barcelona (UB).

For more updated on the project you may álso follow the CYCLAMEN project webpage.

Environmental Education – Dherynia 3rd Elementary school

Enalia Physis member Iakovos Tziortzis, Biologist, visited the 3rd Elementary school of Dherynia Municipality and talked to students about the biodiversity of Paralimni Lake, the importance of protecting the wetland and learned about the Do’s and Dont’s, in order to protect the lake ecosystem and its habitats. A field visit to various parts of the lake provided the chance to the students to have see in situ several species present in the lake and ground truth the main pressures acting on the wetland.
We consider such educational initiatives very important in order to promote environmental awareness to the new generation and for this we congratulate the teachers of the school who took the initiative and invited us.

MarLitCy Project Actions in Pafos – Dive Against Debris and Meet the Sea Actions

Two actions of MarLitCy project took place in Pafos coastal front on 1st of May 2015. Enalia Physis, the leading partner of ”Dive Against Debris” and ”Meet the Sea” Actions, joined by Kimon Xylotymvou Diving Club and CyDive diving center, successfully organised and realized these actions. The actions took place in the framework of a multilevel event organised in Pafos Port area regarding marine litter,  under the auspices  of  the European Parliament Office in Cyprus.

During ”Dive Against Debris”, a diving team by members of Enalia Physis and Divers of Kimon Xylotymvou dived in the area of the Roman wavebreaker of  Pafos city  and cleaned the area from all sorts of debris. Plastic bags, glass items such as bottles, fiberglass pieces, ropes, buoys, tins and cans and several other items were only some materials that were collected and removed from the sea bottom.

‘Meet the Sea” Action was a very fascinating event for young participants. Several kids had the opportunity to be educated  about the marine litter issue and then experience their first scuba dive, through a supervisioned  introductory dive. Enalia Physis and CyDive diving center provided this opportunity to the youngsters which had a first look at the underwater world.

The members of Enalia Physis would like to thank all participants, all project partners who supported this event and the Municipality of Pafos for hosting the event. We will keep you posted for the events of MarLitCy lead by Enalia Physis, that will take place in Ayia Napa.

Lecture on Marine Biodiversity and Marine Litter

Enalia Physis member and Marine Biologist Antonis Petrou, was the guest speaker to the lecture organised by KIMON Xylotymvou Diving Club. Antonis presented the theme  ”Biodiversity and Diving, new diving wrecks, artificial reefs and Marine Protected Areas” to the divers of the club, fishermen and other stakeholders . In addition the MarLitCy project was presented and the problem of marine litter was raised and discussed in detail. The participants had the opportunity to express their views on the issue of Marine Litter through dedicated questionnaires.

MarLitCy progress

MarLitCyProjects’ MarLitCy Board meeting took place on Saturday 14th March 2015 in Nicosia, in order to review the current progress of the project and coordinate future actions. Representatives from all partners, Enalia Physis, Akti, MASDER and Scuba Divers Association, participated in the meeting and expressed their opinions on the progress of the project and the future workpackages.

Enalia physis is responsible for organising and realising the  ”Meet the sea” and ‘‘Dive against debris” events in 2015 and 2016. Both events for 2015 are closing by and we will keep you  posted about the location and dates for the events, as well as for the opportunities of  involvement for anyone interested in participating.