MarLitCy: Marine Litter Together for Clean Coasts!

Aim: To use the problem of marine litter as a tool for promoting dialogue and building closer relationships in Cyprus.

Objectives: MarLitCy aimed to enhance cooperation between key actors of both communities, specifically between local authorities, harbour authorities, industry, fishermen, divers, beach tourism enterprises, and children and youth, through the following interrelated activities:

1.     Island-wide survey on the perception of stakeholders regarding marine litter;

2.     Solution oriented educational activities in schools. School children will participate in hands-on and field activities and competitions;

3.     Transfer and implementation of best practices: the Best Practices Database of the European Research Project MARLISCO will be used, in order to transfer and implement practices for reducing marine litter, targeting the island’s harbours, with a focus on Famagusta Harbour, the fishing industry island-wide, coastal local authorities, coastal tourism enterprises;

4.     Island-wide awareness-raising campaigns: civic engagement will be triggered through attractive activities, such as the organisation of open “meet the … seabed” days, where the general public and especially children and youth will have the chance to meet with diving schools and become familiar with water sports and through these activities to become aware of marine littering and the need for the promotion of the “Good Environmental Status” of our marine environment. Also innovative beach and seabed clean-ups will be carried out with the implementation of international protocols, resulting in the creation of the Cyprus Marine Litter Database. Awareness-raising will be a continuous activity, designed to have a high degree of social and civic engagement;

5.     A photography contest involving students and youngsters across Cyprus will be implemented, and a common exhibition will be held.

Duration: 01/07/2014 – 31/07/2021

Funded: EuropeAid

More Information on the project’s Website here.