Enhancing Participation of Stakeholders in the Kakoskali Marine Protected Area

Aim: To re-engage fishermen, as well as other stakeholders, in consultations of the already proposed Kakoskali MPA. The continuation of the consultations will provide both short and long term results.

Objectives: The project has 3 main objectives.

  1. Facilitate the agreement of the final boundaries of the MPA between the DFMR and the local fishermen (which will be the most affected stakeholders), through consultation meetings and workshops.
  2. Agree upon the proposal/framework for the creation of a management committee, which will consist of all local stakeholders (DFMR, fishermen associations, environmental NGO’s, tourist operators, local government authorities) that will participate and take part in decision making. A document consisting of the framework for a management committee will be produced.
  3. Presentation of the overall project to the wider stakeholder forum, to ensure the successful implementation of the MPA and to be made aware of any isssues that have not been considered. A public presentation will be held.

Study Sites: Kakoskali MPA

Funded by: MedPAN, MAVA Foundation, Foundation Prince Albert II De Monaco