Dekelia beach cleanup

More than 200 kilos of rubbish, including machinery, carpets, and car tyres, were collected during a clean-up of the seabed and beach in the areas of Xylotymbou and Pyla and the British Base of Dhekelia on the 27th of August 2021. The clean-up was organised at the initiative of the civil administration of SBA Dhekelia in cooperation with Base police, customs, the military administration and the community councils of Xylotymbou and Pyla with the support of our team, Enalia Physis Environmental Research Centre, and additionally Vikings diving centre, Kimon Diving Club and the diving club of the military at Dhekelia.

All the volunteers joint efforts with the aim to keep the natural environment of Cyprus clean and protected. The campaigns will continue with the aim to clean up the area within the British Bases.

Enalia Physis Environmental Research Centre’s team separated and counted the waste. The 200 plus kilos of waste collected in just one and a half hours of work was testament to how serious the problem was. A big problem were straws and other plastic items used by people at sea and which end up in the stomachs of fish.