Project Officer

Nicole Mavrovounioti


I am a dedicated Environmental & Conservation Scientist, with a keen interest in environmental management and biodiversity conservation. I hold an MSc degree in Biodiversity and Conservation from Leeds University in UK and a BSc in Environmental Management from Northumbria University in UK. In May 2022 I have started my Darwin Fellowship (DPLUS171) through my employment at Enalia Physis Environmental Research Centre. The Fellowship contributes to the conservation of rare and endangered flora included in the Red Flora Book of Cyprus within the SBA of Akrotiri. During my research, the target plants will be mapped and their pollinators will be recorded and identified. Also, the importance of their conservation will be raised through conservation measures and dissemination activities. I am passionate about wildlife and enjoy bird watching. 

Project Manager:

1) Conservation and awareness raising of the rare and endangered flora of the Red Flora Book of Cyprus and their pollinators, within the Sovereign Base Areas (SBA) of Akotiri, Cyprus