Sentinels of the Mediterranean documentary 

Sentinels of the Mediterranean: Acting for Marine Biodiversity is the first documentary made by Together for the Med, the network of 46 Mediterranean partners, which aims to raise awareness and mobilize around the threats of the Mediterranean.
The film describes the daily struggle of those who apply effective solutions for the conservation of marine ecosystems, a deep dive into the life of 3 heroes fighting for marine biodiversity. A journey from north to south, from east to west, to find the common conservation problems in the emblematic regions of the Mediterranean such as Catalonia, the Kuriat Islands and the island of Zakynthos.
“The Mediterranean Sea is subject to pressures of all kinds” observes Yassine, who is preparing to dive to study the state of health of the Tunisian seabed.
“If we look at the evolution of fishing in recent years, it is clear that our future doesn’t go beyond another 15 years”, worries Isaac from inside his small fishing boat.
“If we don’t act now, biodiversity will continue to decline and the sustainability of the fishing sector will be undermined,” says Nicole, as she measures the size of the fish caught in the fishing nets of Markos, a Greek fisherman.
The documentary offers a new perspective on marine conservation, combining the expertise of scientists in the sector and the experience of fishermen, who are mobilizing for the protection of the Mediterranean.
The daily struggle of these 3 heroes is also the struggle of our network, which has been working on the conservation of biodiversity for 5 years.
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The 30-minute film was made by BlueSeeds in collaboration with IUCN Mediterranean and the visual communication agency ImagéO, thanks to the support of the MAVA foundation, offers a new perspective on marine conservation, combining the experience of scientists in the field and the experience of fishermen who mobilize for the protection of the Mediterranean.
As a member of the Together for the Med network, Enalia Physis presented the documentary Sentinels of the Mediterranean on the 22nd of February 2023 in Larnaca. Check our Facebook event.