Project Officer

Evangelos Koutsoukos


Evangelos holds a BSc in Agricultural Economy & Rural Development from the Agricultural University of Athens in Greece (AUA). From 2020-2022 he acquired his Master’s Degree in Ecology and Conservation of Biodiversity from the NKUA. During his time in Athens, Evangelos was an active volunteer in the Museum of Zoology of Athens, participating in the curation, supplementation and study of entomological collections, focusing on collecting, preparing and identifying species of the superfamily Chalcidoidea. He has also received a grant from the Hellenic Entomological Society for his MSc thesis. For the next two years (2023-2025), he will be studying the Chalcid wasps of Cyprus, with the special focus on the fauna of Akrotiri peninsula. These endeavours are supported by the Darwin Initiative (DPLUS202) and employment at Enalia Physis Environmental Research Centre. 
His main research interests are focused on the Systematics, Ecology and Molecular Phylogeny of all Chalcid wasps. In addition, Evangelos is actively researching the presence and impacts of alien insects occuring in Cyprus and Greece. 
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