Project Officer

Andreas Josephides 


Andreas holds a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Leeds,  UK. After his studies he worked in the Gaming Industry for a well known successful Mobile Game Company and studied more about Game Development and 3D Animations. He worked on a voluntary basis with Darwin Fellow Ms Joanna Angelidou (DPlus Fellowship101) on raising awareness about pollinators through “The Three Mosquiteers” stories and on providing advice on developing an interactive learning tool of invasive alien insects. In addition, Mr Andreas Josephides worked alongside Dr Martinou on digitising The Three Mosquiteers characters ( developed through a COST European Network programme providing an educational video that was published on social media which serves the purpose of raising awareness about the Aedes Invasive Mosquitoes in Cyprus. His main interests include learning more about the ecosystems and biodiversity and how to create educational material in our modern world. With the support of Darwin Plus (DPLUS197), Andreas is now working on developing an interactive learning tool  that aims to educate school children and stakeholders regarding important issues such as pollination, biological invasions and vectors such as mosquitoes in a fun and interactive manner.