MarLitCy progress

Projects' MarLitCy Board meeting took place on Saturday 14th March 2015 in Nicosia, in order to review the current progress of the project and coordinate future actions. Representatives from all partners, Enalia Physis, Akti, MASDER and Scuba Divers Association, participated in the meeting and expressed their opinions on the progress of the project and the [...]

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”Paralimni lake: An ecological treasure for the area”

Enalia Physis was invited and participated in the event organised by the European funded. BIOforLIFE project on the 11th of March 2015, in Paralimni. During the event Enalia Physis members Iakovos Tziortzis presented the ecological importance of the wetland, the most important species and habitats present in the lake and the opportunities arising from a proper management and promotion [...]

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Enalia Physis Environmental Research Center is proud to be part of the partnership of the MarLitCy project, together with the Famagusta Walled City Association, AKTI Project and Research Centre and the Scuba Divers Association. MarLitCy is a 28 month long project, funded by EuropeAid that aims to use the problem of marine litter as a [...]

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Triops cancriformis: A new species for the fauna of Cyprus

A new species for the fauna of Cyprus has been  recently reported by Enalia Physis and collaborators from Cyprus, Greece and Italy. The Notostacan species Triops cancriformis was recorded in Paralimni Lake, a temporary brackish lake, in 2013. T. cancriformis is considered a living fossil, since scientific reports date the species back to the Jurassic period (approximately 180 million [...]

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Enalia Physis Publications in 2014

Enalia Physis was founded by people who shared the same passion for the environment and were guided by the same vision: to conduct and promote environmental research in marine, freshwater and terrestrial ecosystems and to encourage and enhance education and ecological awareness of the general public. Enalia Physis members are still serving these purposes and the scientific work that has been [...]

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Zenobia Week

UPDATE: Antonis Petrou's presentation is viewable here. If you are lucky enough to be a diver then you definitely know all about the Zenobia wreck and its marine life! But if you consider yourself a future diver or a sea lover, here you will find a short feedback regarding this magnificent huge wreck. You can [...]

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High School Field Trip to Hatchery

On the 11th of February 2014 Enalia Physis gave a tour to high school students to a fish hatchery and taught them through the Telia Aquamarine Ltd hatchery procedures. [slideshow_deploy id='1003']

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Enalia Physis Annual Meeting of Board and Members, 2013

Enalia Physis is having its annual meeting of the board and members on Friday 29th November at the offices in Nicosia. The Board will meet at 14:00 followed by the meeting of all members and friends at 16:00. Summaries of activities in 2013 will be presented at a round-table presentation. Visitors interested in becoming members [...]

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